Why Choose Schnips PHd?

“We believe our professional reputation is only as good as our last hair-service.

Working together as a team, to maintain consistently high standards, we ensure our clients always look and feel magnificent. Through this ongoing commitment, Schnips PHD will continue to be a leader in hair design.”

“We aim for perfection, excellence will be tolerated”

A Greater Degree of Skill

With a commitment to only employing experienced and skilled stylists and by developing their own young stylists through the Schnips Phd education system, every client is guaranteed to receive the high level of satisfaction that they expect.

A Greater Degree of Experience

With nearly 40 years of growing, improving and learning, it is totally understandable that the huge resource of knowledge and experience gathered by all the employees of Schnips Phd during all that time is second to none.

A Greater Degree of Creativity

Our Stylists are constantly involved in Hairdressing competitions, photo-shoots, education courses and fashion shows and are right up to the minute with new product innovations, Hairdesign techniques and the latest fashion trends.

A Greater Degree of Service

By setting “Non negotiable” standards and policies, along with proven \ trusted systems and procedures which are there for the benefit of all our clients and apply to all Schnips PHd staff, we are able to ensure that every client’s visit to our salons is always going to be an enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing one.