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Known for their skill, flair and their determination to succeed, three hairstylists from Schnips PHd, two from the Manukau branch and one from the Botany Salon have made national news. 

Bethany Lane Noa
-Global Creative Artist finalist for NZ 

Bethany Lane Noa is a seasoned pro when it comes to bethany-lane-noahairdressing and when it comes to winning hairdesign awards as well. This year will be the third time Bethany has made it into the finals for the New Zealand Colorzoom Global Creative Artist. Last year, she was the overall winner for New Zealand and went on to represent the country at the global grand finals which were in Sweden. She says that was an absolutely awesome experience and she hopes to do as well again this year but remains humble about her achievements. “I’m nervous and I’m excited if I manage to get through to the Global Goldwell competition finals again but it would also be great if someone else from Schnips PHd was to get through,” said Bethany. “It was a bit of a shock for me, achieving a national finalist place again this year, it’s always an honour and a privilege to be nominated. I really love the Goldwell colours we’re using in our Salons, and I definitely think they’re the best colours for all of our clients!” Bethany, Nina and Keila’s competition photos have been sent to Germany for judging, and a finalist from each country will be chosen to go on to compete in Barcelona at the Global Finals later this year. Bethany is always wanting to hone her creative skills and entering these photographic competitions allows her to do that. “It’s also really about trying to inspire my clients; many who have been with me for twenty years now.” She credits the amazing support from the owners of Schnips PHd — (Paul, Natalee and Clive) for her success and she believes that working at the Manukau salon she is immersed in an environment where she’s constantly growing and refining her craft, and learning from those around her. “Lynette John, Huia Smith and Leonie Nicholls really inspired my journey to excellence at Schnips PHd. We have a good vibe in the salon, our hairdressers are always pushing forward in to order evolve!’ The theme/inspiration forthe Colorzoom competition was called In-Flux, this involved dark, elegant colours coalesce with mysterious iridescence, creating a new interplay of colours in the hair.

Keila-Marie Robinson
-Global New Talent finalist for NZ 

Keila-Marie Robinson remembers going to hair salons with herkeila-marie-robinson mum as a child, and being fascinated by the hairdressing magazines there. Fast forward a few years and Keila’s hairdressing dreams have come true, the Schnips PHd colour technician is now a New Zealand finalist for the 2017 Goldwell Global New Talent. It was a surprise for Keila to achieve this result because it was her very first photographic hairdressing competition. She modelled last year for Bethany Lane Noa, which inspired her to enter the competition with a model of her own this year. She had the only male model in the competition photo shoot, and remembers feeling a little intimidated by the strong competition that she was up against. “I was quite nervous, it felt like the other competing stylists knew what they were doing, I just stood there with my tail between my legs,” said Keila, “though I suppose, in the end I kind of ‘nailed it’ This hard-working colourist certainly made her salon and family proud with her interpretation of In-Flux and with her national finalist award. “I have wanted to be a hairdresser since I was a little girl, my family wanted me to do teaching and stuff like that but I think I’ve shown them that I really love this profession and I’ve achieved many things along the way.” This South Auckland local never thought someone from her background would achieve this level of success but Keila says “I have learnt that with a lot of hard work, support and determination we can all do whatever we want to aim for.” Keila plans on staying with Schnips PHd for the rest of her career and is totally confident she’ll build a happy and loyal clientele there. “I believe we have the best quality stylists working here, all with a very high level of skill and experience.” If she wins the New Zealand final, she will travel to Barcelona, Spain to compete in the international finals event. “Knowing you would be going up against the rest of the world, representing New Zealand, must be the best experience ever.”

Nina Williams
-Global New Talent finalist for NZ

It was the stunning blues, purples and turquoise with nina-williamsflashes of pink glistening on a paua shell sitting on her kitchen bench that caught her eye and imagination and gave Nina Williams inspiration for her dramatic creation —which she entered into this year’s Colorzoom Photographic competition. Nina who participated in the Global New Talent category, for young stylists, (with less than five years experience) said she couldn’t believe it when she heard that she was a national finalist. Though Nina personally veers towards a more feminine look, for this event she opted for a dark, mysterious iridescence, creating a clever interplay of colours within the overall style. “I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that I was a New Zealand finalist,” said Nina who in the past had also been a L’Oreal Colour Trophy finalist. “The final NZ winner gets to go to Barcelona and I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” she said excitedly, talking about the results that will be announced on August 14. “At the international contest everyone has to recreate the photographic entry on a model, live on stage, so I guess I would be in a totally different zone if I got to compete over there,” said the friendly and vivacious hairstylist. Nina can’t wait to compete with the best on the world stage at this huge hair dressing competition, and says she could not have got this far, a NZ finalist without the support of Schnips PHd. “The team I work with here in Botany are all so supportive and are just amazing to work with. It is such a good atmosphere to work in. “I started at Schnips PHd less than a year ago and since then I’ve had so many opportunities which have allowed me to grow and progress faster than in any other salon I’ve worked at. I’ve quickly become a busy stylist and every week my clientele keeps on growing.”


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